Monday, November 06, 2006

Picture of Roland AKA Choccy with Melanie G .
Taken in the Magnet Club Liverpool following the concert there.
A great night :)
Regards Iain
AKA Shock The Monkey

From Kaiserslautern...... the infamous inner circle. We where lucky
enough to get into the inner circle of the stage for the show. For
those of you that have the Live and Unwrapped dvd you'll see us making
many an appearance............... Lucky buggers eh!!

The one that didn't get away, and let me tell you..... it was mighty

AAHHHhhhhh..... the Chocster and another Luvverly Miss Gabriel.

aaahhhh.... The Chocster and a very luvverly Laydee, a certain Miss

aaahhhh.... The Chocster and a very luvverly Laydee, a certain Miss

From the gathering before the Wembley shows in 2004. Is the world
ready for so many Lunatics?

Men in Kilts...... givin' The Revster a run for his money!!

From L - R: Gabbleratchet, Ghostman, Jasche, ChoccyFingerz & Robbo.

Friday, November 03, 2006

tree or bomb (Baum oder Bombe), 1977, silkscreen
as for some mentionings in the threads lately, so you can see yourself...
I hope you enjoy this!

it is called "Aufbruch", 1981/2, drawing/painting
which has several meanings, breakup , decampment , departure, upraise , branch heading , break-up and the like...a lot of UP, right?
This is the bird one, a supposed to be cover (no, not for any cover me....-)), until the according record-company broke down...but the musician went up, to Bath, to Peter, and participated in the Birdy tracks, for which I got a pre-released cassette from Pete, who also knows the for the story behind.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is the last straw - the final frontier, or what ever it may be.
I am not too good with clich�s.
Any road - here is another picture of me.
Looking into the camera (kinda), and smiling.
Lots of love to you all,
Valerie (aka adverse)

This is pathagoras (clockwatcher),aka pat.

"hey you loons! notice the red in my eyes? that's from
reading all of your insane posts..."

Valerie is certainly UP for it...!

Monday, January 30, 2006

"Here on of my favourites: This was taken BEFORE the "Greatest hit album" of PG!
So I was amazed about the CD cover when it was released! The picture of mine was
taken a long time a go for one of my first theater productions in the mid 80's...

yours LIA+++ "

This one from Lia+++ "This is me relaxing under the tree next to the Real World studios
in april 2005! What a beautiful day it was with you all there!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I just wanted all of my lunatic friends to know that I can smile.
No matter how forced it may be! ;-)
I have to apologise for withholding the identity of the person I am with.
He's now in the witness protection program after I went "postal" on his ass.
Timid like a freight train I hear - but I am a really nice girl.
Valerie (aka adverse)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More Mr Happy !!

Hey Mike

This life is a little different from the one I was leading in Leeds.
Guarding your desk all day and night really wasn't the life for me. I am
glad I finally recieved some holidays for all my hard work. But I guess you
can't have the good life for ever.

The photos I have attached are from Botswana, when I on safari. I hope you
like them.

Miss you all

Mr Happy

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mr Happy makes friends on holiday...!

Mr Happy hits the beach !!

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