Friday, June 17, 2005

"i am here as you are here as we are here and we are all together"...
and what a party it is going to be!
From Lori

Hi Loonies!
Sorry this is the only picture I could get my hands on this week at the office, it's me and my 5 and 1/2 month old daughter Skye! Just wanted to get on the board, will send another next week that reveals my face more.
He's a Sly one he's a shy one woulnd't you be toooooooo!
A.K.A. Sly

Marco, May, Milan !!!

Having a bevy in Brussels - from Marco

The Parisi Brothers and some other guy...

At New York - from Marco

With Tony - Zurich 2004 - from Marco

With Tony - Zurich May 2004 - from Marco

The team at Zurich - May 2004 - from Marco

Hi Mike

Here's my photo to add to the gallery - it was taken in Milan on the
way to the Locarno gig last year - happy days! Like Rev Bob, I thought
I'd better get in first before any others that might be in circulation
find their way on to your page.



Hi there Mike.

Great idea to get a page together of the Lunatics. Most of us know
each other and have met on many occasions, but it's always good to see
everyone. Anyway, Roland is my name better known as ChoccyFingerz and
here's a nice pic for your page.



Here's a picture of Uncle Pete and his resident Full Moon Goddess, Arlene My feet did not touch the ground.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cheers Chez - have one for me !!!

Here is a picture of me and my favorite man in the whole world. It is a good picture of him but I look like a babbling idiot...a TRUE Lunatic!!!!
Thanks for doing this. It is a lot of fun.
Love and peace,
Deb Grant (Yellow Lunatic)

This from our very own Rev Dr Bob!!!

Hi Mike, my name is Hamadi (aka Captain Eo on the fullmoon forum), here's my pic. I like this idea, it reminds me of what Antonis (aka Synthercat) did. He gathered our pics and sent them to us via email.
Anyway, good luck with your blog!

Hi !

Great idea ! Want to see the faces of PG world around !!
Here is a photo, from Paris, taken last week-end at a
friend of mine's home.
Hope we'll have time to share in PG words further more !

redblue woman

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Its here for all the world to use!

First post

Hi everybody

This is a first test posting just to see if the technology works!

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